Why Carbon Architects is Different

June 26, 2017

We are launching the Carbon Architects blog with two simple goals: to provide clients, readers and architecture enthusiasts with genuine communication about design, architecture and construction that may be relevant locally or around the world. We also want to keep our readers updated on past, current and future Carbon Architects projects as we post stunning photos and tidbits about our current enterprises.


Welcome to our blog!




We have a lot we want to get to, but with our first post we want to remind you what we’re about at Carbon Architects. First and foremost, we are a design firm. But at Carbon, we are far more unique than your run-of-the-mill architecture firm because we are also licensed to do construction and provide construction management services.


That’s right. When we design a project, we can also build it.


In fact, we like to oversee every phase and every step because frankly, we are perfectionists. We want to ensure that the vision we share with our clients is articulated in both the design and the build. And because we have the capacity to be an all-in-one firm, we save our clients both time and money.



But first, let’s talk architecture.

On the design side, any architect around will tell you there is nothing like sitting down with a sketchbook or a roll of bum wad. And they’re right on. The creative process feels best when we start with a vision…and put pencil to paper. But at Carbon Architects, we quickly get those sketches to our drafters, who use the latest software to get ideas into a format that can be modified swiftly and efficiently as design evolves. The use of this advanced technology allows us to shorten the distance between concept and construction.


Once the design is completed, we take the next step to ensure our client’s projects move as quickly and smoothly as possible into the build phase. Our uber-cool Revit software connects our designs to schedules and budgets, which are tightly orchestrated for efficiency, whether we are self-performing or managing subcontractors. We can also oversee all the pre-construction and construction details, from site evaluations to risk management (insurance, licensing, etc.) and cost control.




Carbon Architects provides all of these services while emphasizing our LEED certification status. What this means is that we care about the environment. LEED certification provides independent verification that a home or building was designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high performance in human and environmental health. At Carbon Architects, we take this seriously. We design/build for communities we want to live in.



So that’s Carbon Architects in a nutshell. Check out the “Services” and Design Phases” tabs on our website to learn more. Also, feel free to ask us any questions you might have. Give us a “like” on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for live updates about current projects. We have a lot going on so don’t miss out. This blog is intended to make architecture fun to discuss! We’re going to do our best to be as authentic as possible while providing you with fun information about design, construction and ourselves. Be sure to check in soon for another post.



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