• UTAH CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN Magazine, Page 51 

    March- April, 2020

    Taming the Untamable North

    Ogden City's motto explains a lot: "Still untamed." That may be the motto for the county seat, committed to living a life unburdened by labels, but the county as a whole is embracing all aspects of what makes Weber County great. Whether it is through Ogden's iconic architecture or the open space going west to the Great Salt Lake and east into the Wasatch Mountains, builders, architects, and developers are seeing the potential of Weber County. They're trying to channel the passion and energy of the area into unique projects-and it's paying off handsomely...


    December 9, 2019

    Choosing the Right Design for Your New Construction Home

    Choosing to build your house from scratch means having the opportunity to create the home of your dreams and the chance to create something totally unique to you and your lifestyle. With that tremendous benefit, however, comes the added burden of myriad different details and decisions. Chief among them is the design of your new construction home...

  • INDIE OGDEN Magazine, VOL 1 NO. 5, Page 26

    October 1, 2019

    After much anticipation, The Monarch building will celebrate its Grand Opening on November 1st as a celebratory culmination of a historic renovation projects that got its start nearly eight years ago. After purchasing The Monarch building in 2011 and placing it on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012,Fischer-Regan Enterprises embarked on an extensive building rehabilitation with R&O Construction and Carbon Architects...

  • UTAH CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN Magazine, Page 32

    November, 2019

    Taking Flight

    The Monarch is the ninth project completed by Fischer-Regan Enterprises in the past decade in Ogden. The ambitious restoration of this former depression-era automotive garage is a signature project for the City's new 'Nine Rails' Creative District, as it serves primarily as a community art studio/event space for 'art to architecture' and everything in between...

  • UTAH STYLE & DESIGN Magazine, Page 62

    June 17, 2019

    Taking Wing 

    Want to catch one of the freshest motifs for your home this summer? Think butterflies. Their ethereal forms are setting the hearts of lovely rooms aflutter. Trendy? Never. Butterflies enjoy a long decorative history and rank high on the list of timeless patterns including acanthus leaves, Greek keys and Islamic rosettes. Consider that depictions of the whimsical insects have been used by numerous cultures throughout time...

  • INDIE OGDEN Magazine, VOL 1 NO. 1, Page 30

    June 7, 2019

    Future Creative Epicenter Empowers Ogden's Cultural Community

    The creative community of Ogden, Utah is experiencing a dramatic shift, one that will enliven its downtown core and bring to life the city's new Nine Rails Creative District. The opening of The Monarch Promises to widen Ogden's cultural footprint by offering an environment where individuals can create, learn and share with their community through... 

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    February 28, 2019

    Renovating a Historic Landmark: Peery Lofts

    The current renovation project at the Historic Peery Apartments, 2461 Adams Avenue, is another undertaking for local developer Thaine Fischer of Fischer-Regan Enterprises with the help of Carbon Architects and Carbon Development. This June, the residential building will re-open as “Peery Lofts,” offering twelve one and two bedroom...


    February, 2019

    With major renovation underway, historic Peery Lofts set to reopen in spring

    A nearly 110-year-old, historic apartment complex in east-central Ogden is getting a major facelift. The Peery Lofts (formerly the Peery Apartments) are currently being renovated by Fischer Regan Enterprises, LLC and Carbon Architects. They will likely open for occupancy by June…



    January 24, 2019

    Future Creative Epicenter Empowers Ogden’s Cultural Community

    The creative community of Ogden, Utah is experiencing a dramatic shift, one that will enliven its downtown core and bring to life the city’s new Nine Rails Creative District. The opening of The Monarch promises to widen Ogden’s cultural footprint by offering an environment where individuals...

  • Ogden City Mayor's Awards in arts- 2018.


    November 7, 2018

    Ogden City Mayor's Awards in the Arts presented at Union Station

    OGDEN — The Ogden City Mayor's Awards in the Arts ceremony was held Thursday, Nov. 1, with 10 local honorees being recognized for their contributions to the arts in the community.

    Lorie Buckley, arts coordinator for the city, said it's an evening she looks forward to every year.

    "We enjoy recognizing those individuals and organizations who are making a difference in the arts and culture scene here in Ogden," Buckley is ...

  • GOAL 2015.jpg


    May 11, 2015

    Fitness trial coming to Ogden River Parkway

    They also worked with a local architect that had been trying to make improvements to another fitness trail without much luck. The architect’s group was happy to jump on board with the project.

    There will be nine stations with varying levels of difficulty. They will start at the base of the parkway on the east and then loop around the Big D Park, Bowsher said. Course stations were designed by Carbon Architects with guidance by the physical therapy...



    September 23, 2013

    Color "Parking Day" in Ogden a green success

    Daniel Schmeling, president of Carbon Architects in Ogden, said he hopes installations like this one can become a permanent part of Ogden’s landscape. Schmeling stressed the importance of urban green space to Ogden’s community.

    Green space is “disappearing faster and faster. Anything we can do to either save it or increase it in any spot, no matter how big or small, is of huge, huge importance for the community and for everyone who’s involved in it,” Schmeling said...

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