The Monarch In the Making, 2008-2019


The Monarch’s industrial structure was built in 1929 as a full-service, enclosed parking garage for the neighboring Bigelow Hotel. At 60,000 square feet, it had the capacity for over 200 automobiles with ramps leading to multiple levels. Enclosed garages were common for the time, as early automobiles were less resilient to harsh weather and cold temperatures.

This is Ogden’s only surviving example of an enclosed garage; the development of these structures stopped shortly after World War II when ventilation became an increasing concern, and parking structures became more open.

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From the 1940's until about 2006 the building became home to a variety of businesses. Automotive shops, restaurants, and nightclubs once occupied the space until they were ultimately closed.

In 2007-2008, a private group of individuals purchased the building. They worked to update the roof, structure, and exterior. Due to the recession, the building sadly was not completed.

In 2011 Fischer-Regan Enterprises purchased the building and in 2012 placed the building on the National Register of Historic Places. William J Salerno (Better known as Bill) was the first architect to realize the potential of The Monarch. After Bill’s unfortunate passing in 2014, all work was halted. The process continued in 2016 when Carbon Architects teamed up with Fischer-Regan Enterprises.

Time To Team Up!

In June 2016, Carbon Architects collaborated with VY Architecture and Fischer-Regan Enterprises to restore the historic gem. Carbon Architects and VY Architecture began design work on the building in 2016, and R & O Construction completed the core and shell, roof repairs, seismic and structural upgrades in 2018.

The Monarch Gets Its Wings

In September 2018, Jane Kim of Ink Dwell collaborated with O1ARTS to include The Monarch into Ink Dwell’s ongoing project: Migrating Mural and O1ARTS project: WALLS.

Ink Dwell’s current Migrating Mural 2017 series focuses “on the iconic and threatened monarch butterfly. Over the last twenty years U.S. monarch populations have dropped more than eighty percent. The federal government is currently considering the monarch butterfly for endangered species status.”

While O1 ARTS WALLS project focus is “to unite artists and neighborhoods through a collaborative process, to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives. It strives to be a community revitalizer and placemaker, with a diverse representation of local, national, and international artists”

A perfect match to provide The Monarch with its iconic : “Monarch in Moda” Mural.

Interior Design With Historic Guidelines

In November of 2018 Carbon Architects, VY Architecture, and VM Concept began to rebuild The Monarch’s interior structure. The redesign payed homage to Monarch’s initial industrial and automotive features while adding urban, modern and contemporary styles. Portions of the building have been intentionally left as a blank canvas for future tenants to customize.

Carbon Development took over the tenant improvement of The Monarch in January 2019. Focusing on the Royal Room, The East and West Artist studios, WB’s Eatery, and the common areas of the building.

10-23-2019: After a long journey, The Monarch has finally arrived and will be hosting its Grand Opening November 1st 2019, starting at 4 pm. For more information on The Monarch's Grand Opening, Click Here.

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