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Meet Carbon's New Drafter!

Natalie Ginger

Natalie Ginger's approach to drafting is not only resourceful but also creatively refreshing. Previous to joining Carbon, Natalie pursued a few different careers trying to find where she fits. It was while working as a horticulture secretary at the USU Extension Office that it became clear, so while there full-time she took night classes at the OWATC to get her CAD certificate in architecture and interior design. Natalie also knocked out the USU Master Gardener course while she was at it!

Presently Natalie is taking interior design courses at the New York Institute of Art & Design. Natalie believes this industry signs ideally with her hardworking personality: "I've learned a long time ago what happens when you imagine a thing, create a workable plan, and then start knocking it out; what was imagined wonderfully materializes. This industry allows me to facilitate that kind of wonderful over and over for every client project in our care."

In Natalie's free time, she enjoys checking in on her adult children, hiking the Ogden trails, quilting, and working on her many home projects.

Welcome to the Carbon team Natalie!

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