Peery Apartments, On Its Way To Transformation

Walking through this building, you can't help but feel the historic energy that has been soaked into the walls, floors, ceilings, and structure. The small remains of the original design will send you back into a time when major styles such as Art Deco, Contemporary, and Prairie School ruled; when buildings were richly embellished with hard-edged, low-relief design, with a strong focus on geometric shapes, detailed ornament, and flat roofs.

This beautiful building is currently on 2461 Adams Ave in downtown Ogden, UT. In November of 2017, the vacant apartment building was on fire, literally, and sustained $100,000 in fire damage. Thankfully, the fire was extinguished by the Ogden Fire Department and Firefighters from Roy. To say least, this beautiful historic building needed a make-over! That's where Carbon Architects steps in. The building recently completed its demolition stage and is now being prepared for a redesign.

In 2015, Thaine Fischer (of Fischer Regan Enterprises, LLC) acquired the 108-year-old building. Originally designed by the Architect Leslie Simmons Hodgson, known for his Art Deco Style, attention to detail and his large involvement in the creation of Ogden. Hodgson's creations also include: Peery's Egyptian Theater, the Eccles Building, the Ben Lomond Hotel (now known as the Bigelow Hotel), Ogden High School, Peery Apartments, and more! The apartments were built as an investment property for D.H Peery and his wife Elizabeth Peery in 1910. After the passing of D.H Peery in 1901, Elizabeth moved into unit #1 of the Peery Apartments, where she letter passed in 1938.

It will be truly exciting to see the transformation of this building, from its dilapidated historical charm into a slightly more modern marvel. For more information, follow us on Facebook or click here.

2444 Washington Blvd. Ste 203, Ogden, UT, United States 84401

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