Jena L

Jena Lovato

Project Engineer

Jena Lovato is an Ogden native who previously worked in procurement for the outdoor skiing industry and rock-climbing industry during the past 5 years. "Coordination and time management are very important while collaborating with multiple vendors/sub-contractors to keep forward momentum on a project." 

Jena was motivated to join the industry from taking on her home remodel. "Being able to coordinate the process start to finish, realizing I can totally do this." Going forward, Jena hopes to see the local community inspired by our beautiful state of Utah, preserving its natural beauty and bringing new modern design to the community. Jena wants to build spaces that people feel inspired, safe, and happy; that is the goal! 

When Jena is not working at the office, she enjoys being with her family, especially with her niece and nephews—traveling to new places, attending concerts, and being in the great outdoors! "Skiing, golfing, mountain biking, paddle boarding, and playing basketball are some of my favorite activities to do."

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