Sean Dunlop

Project Engineer

Though Sean Dunlop has a formal education in Mechanical engineering, he contributes his hard knocks background to working on projects including a campervan and custom motorcycle builds.


While obtaining his degree in

Mechanical Engineering, Sean framed houses during the summer and winter breaks and felt inspired by the industry: "I found a great deal of satisfaction in working with my hands and seeing tangible work... turning a build pack into a home is fun. Especially with the right team." 

Sean grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming but has created his home here in Utah. When he is not in the office or construction site, you can find Sean climbing, skiing, and flying through the mountains and deserts.


Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, 2008

University of Wyoming 

(385) 244-1140

2444 Washington Blvd. Ste 203, Ogden, UT, United States 84401