Carbon is the building block of all life - it has a unique ability to form a multitude of compounds with other elements making it readily adaptable to a variety of applications. Carbon fiber is especially useful in pro-grams requiring high strength and low weight. Furthermore, carbon is one of the most recycled elements on the planet - being continually reused and re-cycled in the carbon cycle.

We derive our name from Carbon, atomic number
6, because we believe the practice of architecture should be just as readily adaptable - forming teams and collaborations to meet specific project needs and providing strategic problem solving. We believe that teams can be formed without added bulk, weight and excess fees. And we believe that ideas, materials and solutions should all be a part of the continued process of reuse and recycling.

Carbon Architects is a full service, LEED certified,
design-build architecture firm located in Ogden, UT. Since 2008 we have been committed to providing efficient design and construction programs to move projects from thoughts to thing. We offer an integrated approach with
critical planning, programming, architectural design and construction services - all in-house. 


Our business philosophy at Carbon Architects is pretty simple and we believe these three words – Design, Build, Live – sum us up rather succinctly. We want our clients to benefit from the most efficient design and construction dynamic and then get on with their lives. Whether building a dream home, constructing an office or a factory, our design and construction team can take ideas seamlessly from thought to thing.


Unlike many other design-build firms, Carbon Architects is a true design-build company, employing both licensed architects and licensed general contractors under the same roof. This means our clients – our real partners – deal with one organization. One contract. One schedule. One bottom line. It is the most time-efficient and cost-effective method of getting your projects built.





For questions or comments about upcoming projects or to commission your own, please get in touch today.

2444 Washington Blvd. Ste 203 Ogden UT United States 84403

(385) 244-1140

(385) 244-1140

2444 Washington Blvd. Ste 203, Ogden, UT, United States 84401