Carbon is the building block of all life - it has a unique ability to form a multitude of compounds with other elements making it readily adaptable to a variety of applications. Carbon fiber is especially useful in programs requiring high strength and low weight. Furthermore, carbon is one of the most recycled elements on the planet, being continually reused and recycled in the carbon cycle.

We derive our name from Carbon, atomic number 
6, because we believe the practice of architecture should be just as readily adaptable, forming teams and collaborations to meet specific project needs and providing strategic problem solving. We believe that teams can be formed without added bulk, weight, and excess fees. And we believe that ideas, materials, and solutions should all be a part of the continued process of reusing and recycling.

Carbon Architects is a full service, LEED certified, 
design-build architecture firm located in Ogden, UT. Since 2008, we have been committed to providing efficient design and construction programs to move projects from thoughts to things. We offer an integrated approach with
critical planning, programming, architectural design, and construction services - all in-house. 

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    Founder, Lead Architect and Contractor

    Dan Schmeling is the founder and president of Carbon Architects. He loves the design process and says there’s no better feeling than finishing a project and looking back at how things changed throughout the process. His passion for architecture combined with his masterful designs always leaves clients satisfied because he saves them both time and money. Although he’s originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, he considers himself an “Ogdenite.”
    He moved to Ogden after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln in 1993. A few years later, Dan earned a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Utah, furthering his design expertise. Outside the office, Dan, who is also the office’s head dog waterer, enjoys spending time with his family, practicing his faith and enjoying the outdoors. On the weekends, you can catch him fishing, hunting, hiking, or biking in the Ogden area.

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    Project Architect and Manager

    Ashley Habluetzel attended Kansas State University where she received her Masters Degree in Architecture. She then worked Kansas City for a few years before getting married and moving to Japan. While in Japan, Ashley spent much of her time exploring the designs of architects Tadao Ando and Kengo Kuma.

    When asked what values drive Ashley, she responds: "Personally: dependability and honesty. Industrially: collaboration, and communication. I hope to do more with less, find sustainable alternatives, and create streamlined designs and processes that will better allow the art of architecture to survive any economic climate." 

    Outside the office, Ashley loves road trips across the west, hiking, crafting, renovating the family home, and perfecting her latte art ability. All the while showing her daughter everything along the way. 

  • DAVE

    Financial Controller

    When asked what values drive him, Dave Baxter responded: "It inspires me to work with people who are passionate about their work". Dave has been working as a Financial Controller for over 10 years, having a background in accounting in both the public and private industry.

    Dave is a man with many homes, spending 10 years in each of the following states: Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, and Missouri. Being back in Utah, he is excited to start skiing again! When Dave is not working on the Carbon books, you can find him spending time with family, swimming, skiing, volunteering at community organizations, and living his faith. 

  • JENA

    Project Engineer

    Jena Lovato is an Ogden native who previously worked in procurement for the skiing and rock-climbing industry over the past 5 years. "Coordination and time management are very important while collaborating with multiple vendors/sub-contractors to keep forward momentum on a project."


    Jena was motivated to join the industry after taking on her own home remodel. "Being able to coordinate the process start to finish, realizing I can totally do this." Going forward, Jena hopes to see the local community inspired by our beautiful state of Utah, preserving its natural beauty and bringing new modern design to the community. Jena wants to build spaces that people feel inspired, safe, and happy; that is the goal!


    When Jena is not working at the office, she enjoys being with her family, especially with her niece and nephews, traveling to new places, attending concerts, and being in the great outdoors! "Skiing, golfing, mountain biking, paddle boarding, and playing basketball are some of my favorite activities."

  • JOSH


    Joshua Lindgren was first inspired to enter this industry while he was in high school. However, he obtained a true passion after assisting in the development of his father's home.  He knew that he wanted to make it a career. In 2017, Joshua moved from Lindstrom, MN, to Ogden, UT, for his love of the mountains (That Vertical!). 

    From 2017 to 2019, Joshua developed a background in Outdoor Recreation Management, outdoor retail management, ski area terrain park design, AND worked towards his education in CAD drafting. Joshua's focus is to integrate technology and modern design into historic spaces. 

    When he is not drafting or working on home projects, Joshua is either up in the mountains snowboarding, rock climbing, or mountain biking. 



    Jagger Udy’s thoughtful approach helps him generate unique projects as one of our design drafters. Since joining the team in 2016, Jagger has helped us scale significantly in the past few years.


    As an Ogden, Utah resident, Jagger graduated from Fremont High school and is currently enrolled at the University of Utah, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies.




For questions or comments about upcoming projects or to commission your own, please get in touch today.

2036 Lincoln Ave. Suite 102, Ogden, Utah

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2036 Lincoln Ave. Suite 102, Ogden, UT, United States 84401

(385) 244-1140